NOVEMBER 27, 2005 of this outta this world private parties.

NOVEMBER 12, 2005
Had an awesome time last night with a great local crowd and some great bands. Glad everyone could come out and thanks for the support. For those that missed it, the highlight backstage was when one of the members in a band lit up a cigaratte and screamed he wanted lung cancer....he didn't see the cop standing behind him.

OCTOBER 22, 2005
First of all, thanks again Gene! This show was flippin awesome! We had a blast hanging out with Wide Awake and Blue October. We were so jacked-up for this show. Joel was soooo wound up he lost his mind and climbed the scaffolding and did a high dive into the crowd. Playing in front of crowds like this is what we dream about.

OCTOBER 19, 2005
YIKES! We hear the Blue October show is sold out! Can't wait 'til Friday!
Thanks Gene!

OCTOBER 17, 2005
Last Saturday at the Hard Rock was awesome! The best part of being in a band is playing to a packed house. We felt really good when the fire marshall said the place was over capacity. Thanks for coming out.
p.s. we hope Ms. Joy's feeling better!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2005
Joel finally finished up the vocals on another demo we've been working on. We need to get back into the studio and record but the new year has kept us too busy. Maybe by the end of the year we'll have some new tunes. In the meantime, come check out a show to hear the new stuff.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
Alec orders his new Orange County Drum! Alec landed an endorsement deal with OCDP. Congratulations Alec!

August 10, 2005
We added a whole lot more to the site. Check out the online catalog and please sign up on our new forum. Thanks for checking out our site!
p.s. beware....Joel is in driving school

JULY 3, 2005
Our first official tour is complete! We hit Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and New Mexico in five days. Talk about a beating. We usually went to bed about midnight and got up at 3 or 4am to move to the next site. It was at least a 100 degrees at every show. Even though we played the Kevin Says stage, it was different at every show depending on the sound guy. What was really cool was meeting and hanging out with members from all the Warped Tour bands. Kevin gave us a break and let us go to New Mexico but we had to pack an 18 wheeler at the end of the day. Luckily we had a day off before heading out west. We also got to meet a lot of cool people that were out to see their favorite bands. Can't wait until next year!

JUNE 23, 2005
W-A-R-P-E-D  T-O-U-R!  We'll be back soon with all the details!

JUNE 3, 2005
So just where do we start?  How about Joel.  Yeah, how 'bout him!  His throat is feeling much better these days thanks to the medication and a short break.  Now he's got another issue to take care of.  Here's proof of what can happen WHEN BACKFLIPS GO WRONG!


MAY 29, 2005

Hey Alec, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, dude!

MAY 24, 2005
We're sorry to say that we have cancelled our performance for Wednesday night's Main Street Live show with Reckless Kelly.  Our demanding schedule has caused Joel an ongoing sore throat which the doctor has now diagnosed as an infection.  He is under the doctor's care, is on medication, and with rest and relaxation will be ready for a comeback in June.

Thank you for your support.  You guys are amazing!

MAY 12, 2005
What's up?  So here's the deal, we've been busier than usual but that's what happens as we get closer to the end of school.  We've got some great shows coming up in the next week, followed closely by a few days of sleeping in.  No alarm clocks, no homework.  Awesome!

Check out our SHOWS page, pick a show you like, then come hang out with us.  Oh yeah, keep the e-mails coming.  It's always great hearing from you!

APRIL 11, 2005
What a great crowd we had at today's Texas 10 Under 20 competition!  Thank you guys for coming out to support us.  Congratulations to Dallas's Braidy Bingham for taking the grand prize.

We would like to share with you some great photos taken at this weekend's Dallas Guitar Show by our friend Joel Armstrong, drummer for the band Greatness in Tragedy.  Check them out!

APRIL 8, 2005
Man are we stoked!  Thanks to all of you who called in and helped us win the 102.1 The Edge 9:00 Cock Fight two nights in a row!  So far our song Girls Like You beat out songs from the bands Unwritten Law and Tsar.  Please listen in again at 9:00 Monday night, April 11th, as we battle it out for a third win.  Oh yeah, please call in and vote!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

APRIL 5, 2005
Well, we just wrapped up one competition and here we are heading into the next.  This one, the Texas 10 Under 20 Rising Star Search, is being held at Dallas Market Hall at the Dallas Guitar Show.  If we win, not only do we win $10,000 in prizes, but our school will receive a $1,000 music education grant AND we'll play 102.1 The Edge's Edgefest 14 at Smirnoff Music Centre in Dallas on April 24.  Those are biggies!  We need your support but so do all the other musicians, so please come out and cheer us on.  You'll even get to check out some of the coolest guitars around.

Thanks again for all you do to support us and the Dallas music scene!

Nancy Churnin, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, interviewed and wrote a nice article about us.  Check it out here.

MARCH 28, 2005
We owe HUGE thanks to those of you who came out to cheer us on to our First Place win at the Buzz-Oven Battle of the Bands.  We had some serious competition from bands we're sure you'll be hearing more about in the near future.

Be on the lookout for 10,000 Buzz-Oven Volume 14 CDs featuring The Mermaid Purse, Upside and Minority in late April.  AWESOME!

MARCH 19, 2005
The cool kids WERE there ... at Six Flags!  Thank you for coming out, we hope you guys had as much fun as we did.  And to The Edge and Six Flags, THANKS for giving us the opportunity to rock out with you guys!

MARCH 17, 2005
See you at Six Flags!  All the cool kids are gonna be there.

FEBRUARY 20, 2005
We want to thank all of you who came out to our Curtain Club show on Friday night.  Is that a cool venue or what!

We also thank SouthFM for inviting us be part of their big night, their CD Release Party.  Thanks guys, we hope to play another show with you.

FEBRUARY 17, 2005
Wow, were we surprised!  Thanks, Hunter and Ayo, for the press in today's QUICK (the FREE Dallas Morning News publication).  Read it all here and here.

FEBRUARY 13, 2005
We owe huge thanks to all of you who came out to support us last night at our Dallas Music Fest show.  There were tons of other bands playing and we know you had lots of options so THANK YOU for being part of our show.  It's hard to describe how much we appreciate your support.  We hope to see you at another show!

FEBRUARY 9, 2005
Thank you, Sarah Hepola, for the surprise write-up in today's Dallas Observer!  Thank you very much!

JANUARY 22, 2005
Check out our "Don't Tell Me" video at 102.1 The Edge.

JANUARY 19, 2005
Our song Girls Like You recently made the Broadjam U.S. Top 10 (Rock > Punk genre) and has remained there for several days! What does this mean?  Here's what Broadjam says ... "Broadjam fans, musicians, and industry pros, listen to and evaluate songs.  The ten songs that have the highest average rating, based upon reviews, are placed on the Broadjam Top 10.  Each genre also has a Top 10 that is comprised of the ten highest rated songs in that genre.  All Broadjam Top 10's are updated daily."

JANUARY 8, 2005
Happy New Year!

The artwork for our CD is in production so our CD will be available for order and at our shows very soon.  We're also going to have a surprise but, hey, we can't tell you about it here.

It's difficult to thank you enough for all your support in 2004. We sit around in our band meetings talking about all kinds of stuff.  Hot girls, good bands, great songs and maybe even you, or your mom (just kidding).  We also talk about how much we are amazed by the support we received this past year.  We met people we never thought we would meet, played with bands we never thought we would see, much less play with, and we continue to see people wearing our band shirts, at the mall and even at other shows.  Now THAT'S crazy!

We also thank Anthony Mariani, Associate Editor of Fort Worth Weekly, who kicked off the new year with some nice things to say about us.  Check it out here if you're interested.

Thanks again guys!  2005 -- it's feels good already!

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