DECEMBER 20, 2004
Wow, what a weekend!  We played with Junior on Friday night in Monroe, Louisiana, we played with Squint Saturday night in Shreveport, then we headed back on Sunday to play a hometown show, the Buzz-Oven Christmas Show at Plano Centre.  Thank you to all of you who came out to support us at all three of these shows.

The Buzz-Oven show was amazing.  There were 17 bands, more than 2,000 people!, and TONS of energy.  Okay, we know, we've said it before but we're saying it again, we sold a record amount of merch for one show!  Thank you for supporting us by buying our shirts, beanies, basslets, and other merch.  Unbelievable!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Thank you for making 2004 such an awesome year.

NOVEMBER 20, 2004
Our song Girls Like You just made the Texas Top 10 on Broadjam!

NOVEMBER 16, 2004

Do you have any idea how much fun we had at Trees on Sunday night!  Thank you to all of you who came out to support us on a school night.  We had a great crowd, including those crazy Philly fans.  Man, those people know how to have a good time!  Thank you, all of you, for your support!

NOVEMBER 9, 2004

Woo-hoo!  We're happy to say that one of our newest recordings, Girls Like You, made the Broadjam Top 10 (Rock > Punk genre) and has remained there for several days.  What does this mean?  Here's what Broadjam says ... "Broadjam fans, musicians, and industry pros, listen to and evaluate songs.  The ten songs that have the highest average rating, based upon reviews, are placed on the Broadjam Top 10.  Each genre also has a Top 10 that is comprised of the ten highest rated songs in that genre.  All Broadjam Top 10's are updated daily."

NOVEMBER 7, 2004

It's been a long time!  As you might know, we've been staying busy.  We just wrapped up a new recording with grammy-winning producer Eric Delegard at Reeltime Audio.  We had a great time.  You can check out the new tunes on MySpace, PureVolume and Broadjam.

We are pleased to say that we've brought on Bubba Turner at HEADLINER ARTISTS as our booking agent.  Check out his webpage.

Our show schedule was crazy the month of October.  We have some killer shows scheduled for November and December is shaping up to be entertaining.  Keep checking back for details.

Thanks again for your support!

OCTOBER 9, 2004

Thanks to all of you who came out to support us at the New Music Festival last weekend.  There were some awesome bands you could have gone to see so we appreciate you hanging out at our show.

We've been in the studio all week working on three new songs.  Man, the days are long, but we're having a good time and stoked about having new material to share with you.  We should wrap it up in the next few weeks.  Until then ...

SEPTEMBER 28, 2004

Hey guys, we're gearin' up for the New Music Festival in Deep Ellum this weekend!  What's that you ask?  It's one of the hottest things to happen each year in Dallas where, from September 30 - October 2, thousands of people will flood the streets and clubs of Deep Ellum to watch more than 200 of their favorite artists perform live on more than 10 stages, all within a 2-3 block radius.  We've been working on some new tunes and we're ready to unload them on you guys at TREES at 11:00 pm on Friday, October 1st.  The show is ages 17+ so if you want in, please bring a parent or guardian, if necessary.  Tickets are $10, good for all 3 days and all venues.  Hope to see you there!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2004

We're gonna be at the Dallas ScareGrounds.  Are you?

AUGUST 24, 2004
Yo, Kenny, HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY, dude!

AUGUST 18, 2004

What the heck got into the crowd at Plano Centre?  It was probably the most wound up crowd we've ever had.  There was a huge mosh pit, shoes were flyin', people coming out of it with missing shoes and jewelry, and even a bruise or two.  One girl said it was the best pit she had ever been in.  Sweet!

Thank you so much for buying our merch at this show.  We keep saying this but, again, we sold a record amount of shirts, beanies and buttons.  Thank you, every one of you, for supporting us and our music!

AUGUST 10, 2004

Edgefest, Edgefest, Edgefest.  It was AWESOME!  We had one of the best crowds we've ever had and if you were part of it, THANK YOU!  We saw some of the members and friends of Supercell, Greatness in Tragedy and The Feds at our show and we want to thank them for sticking around.  And to Gene and the Blue October gang, thanks for being so cool to us.  It's like a dream!  We owe huge props to 102.1 The Edge for going out of their way to help us through the day.  Ayo, Duane, Travis, Chris and Jessie, thanks for the opportunity and the support!  We had so much fun in our radio interview and for those of you who have sent us e-mails letting us know you, too, are single, well, thanks alot!  You were obviously listening to our interview and we think that is so rad.  More than rad, actually!  Click here to see The Edge's pics.

Hang on, it just keeps gettin' better! 

JULY 29, 2004

Great news, we're playing EDGEFEST 13 at Smirnoff Music Centre on Saturday, August 7th.  Get a load of the Main Stage lineup: Evanescence, Seether, Lit, Three Days Grace, Finger 11, Blue October, The Vanished.  We'll be on the "Plaza" Stage with Stara Zagora, Greatness in Tragedy, Supercell and The Feds.  But wait, there's more!  Check out 102.1 The Edge for a complete list of bands.  Get your tickets at Ticketmaster.

JULY 17, 2004
Okay, okay, some of us are just getting around to writing about all that's been happening lately.  We've had a lot going on -- starting with Warped Tour.  So now here we are, updating you on some of the best moments of our summer.

We made the drive to Houston on a Thursday only to find out the next day that the show would be postponed because of bad weather.  We were disappointed, but it wasn't all a waste.  We hung out in the parking lot with the bands, rode skateboards and met lots of cool people.  We got an invitation to record a few songs on the John Lennon bus but the weather and change of plans messed up the opportunity.  Thanks anyway Jeff!

We got the okay to play the Dallas Warped show so we packed up our bags and came back home to Dallas.  We played a fun show on the Ernie Ball stage with a pretty good turn out.  Can you believe we had a competing timeslot with New Found Glory and Yellowcard?  What's the chance of that, missing two of the bands we wanted to see the most!  We sold an unbelievable amount of merch (thank you!) and even sold out of some of our newest colors.  Anyway, we had a blast even in the rain.  A lot of people made the most out of it by mud wrestling.

We went back to Houston on Monday for the rescheduled show.  Talk about a blast!  We were scheduled to play the Kevin Says stage but got moved to the Volcom stage, playing just before Juliette and the Licks.  We had a rad crowd, more than twice the size we had in Dallas.  We made some new friends who were cool enough to hook us up with laminates so we could watch all of our favorite shows backstage.  We got to see New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Senses Fail, Story of the Year and several other bands.

Warped Tour is over for us and will be remembered as one of the coolest few days of our lives!  Oh yeah, we owe a shoutout to Chad from New Found Glory.  He used our cell phone to talk to Alec's sister and Kenny and Kyle's sister back in Dallas.

So, to sum it up, here are some of the best moments:  Houston parking lot, skateboarding, Chad and the cell phone, hangin' out with Rob Czar, the John Lennon bus, talking to Joel Madden (even though his band didn't play), talking to Juliette Lewis, hangin' with L.P., talking to Kevin Lyman and not knowing who he was, and finally, the airhorn.  What a blast!  Literally.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the North Texas Invasion at Plano Centre.  We had a great time that night and, as always, we appreciate your support.  As we come upon our 1-year anniversary as Minority, all we can say is it's been one heckuva year.  ROCK ON!

JUNE 30, 2004
Quick update ... you can see us tomorrow morning (Thursday, July 1st) at 6:15 a.m., with The Why Guy on "Daybreak," Channel 8 (ABC), Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Channel 8 filmed our show with Sugarcult, our show at Wildflower! Festival, a practice session, and finally ended it all with an interview. Check it out!

JUNE 27, 2004

Just a quick update before we hit the road again.  The Houston date of the Warped Tour was postponed because of bad weather.  We drove back home, got a night's rest and played a rad Warped show in Dallas the next day.  It rained buckets but it didn't stop people from seeing their favorite bands.  THANKS for hanging out to see our show, THANKS for spending your money on our merch (we sold a record amount by the way!) and THANKS for being here, checking out our website.  Come back soon, we'll have lots more to talk about after the Houston show.

Oh yea one more thing, check out the Warped Tour Pit Report for pics of our Dallas show on June 26th.

JUNE 19, 2004

Hey guys, we're just checkin' in to tell you there are only 6 more days until Warped Tour!  We're stoked!  Be sure to look us up if you come to the Houston show.  As always we'll have our merch table, and Famous Stars and Straps has hooked us up with some cool stickers to give away.

Speaking of Famous Stars and Straps, they have been so cool to us.  We owe them HUGE thanks for providing us with some really swe-e-e-e-t merch!  You name it, they sent it, and we're wearin' it!

More to come ...

JUNE 12, 2004

Sorry it took so long to post this.  What a SHOW!  That Paul from BTN is one sick puppy.  Can't wait to see their next show.  Thanks Scott and Phase 27 for inviting us out.  It was definitely worth the drive even though Alec was diagnosed with Strep Throat hours before the journey.

MAY 31, 2004
Wow, we had a great turnout last night at Hard Rock Cafe.  Word has it that we were one of two bands with the largest crowd, so THANKS for coming out to support us!  We owe special thanks to the guy who got up all by himself and danced to one of our songs.  He rocked!

MAY 29, 2004

We want to thank some of our friends for coming out to support us the other night at the Gypsy Tea Room, especially in the rain.  We got to play with PARK and a band called Forever Hopeful.  It was PARK's last show before heading back home to Illinois (l-o-n-g drive)!

We also want to give a shout out to Alec.  He is celebrating his 13th birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude!

Oh great, this is how Kenny started his summer break.  He's been dying to go wakeboarding again, finally got to go, and ended up with 3 stitches!

   Shh, don't ask how it happened when Kyle is around.

MAY 22, 2004
We made some new friends last night at The Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth.  Thanks, you guys, for coming out from Grapevine and for buying some shirts.  Now that school's out we hope we'll see you at a few more shows!  Thanks also to our friends from school for coming with us and to our faithful friends, Desi and Myca, for coming out to the show.  Their support is amazing.

MAY 18, 2004
Today was an interesting day.  Bruce Orr, Co-founder and President of Texas Music Project came to our school to present the $1,000 Music Education Grant that we won in the Texas 10 Under 20 Contest.  We met in the cafetorium with our school principal, our assistant principal, two of the band teachers and Diane Laner (from the Dallas Guitar Show) and told the student body how we won the money and why we were giving it to our school's band department.  We think Bruce Orr is one cool guy for promoting music and "Texas" music.  Thank you!

MAY 16, 2004
What a day!  We spent the entire day at Yuppiefest in Lewisville.  What a great lineup of bands too.  Josh and Paul do so much work for this event and we're glad they let us be part of it.  We got to meet some cool new bands and definitely lots of cool people.  Thank you so much for buying our merchandise and signing up for the e-mail list.  We've got a few interesting shows coming up so we'll keep you informed.  We hope you'll be able to make one or all of them.

MAY 14, 2004
Check out today's Dallas Morning News.  We made the front page!  Teresa Gubbins did a great job with her article about local bands.  If you didn't get the paper you can read the .pdf version on our MEDIA page.

MAY 13, 2004
Where does the time go?  We've played several shows; a fun one at Carpenter Park Rec Center in Plano, a cool show with some cool bands at Andy's in Denton and the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival in Richardson.  And, as if that weren't enough, while trying to do a neighborly deed, Joel was bitten by a 3-legged dog.  Dang, what's the chance of that?  Scared the heck out of him but he didn't need stitches and he didn't get rabies.

We want to remind you how much we appreciate your e-mails.  Keep 'em coming, we read every single one of them.  And to our newest friends from the press, thanks for the nice reviews!  We dig what we do but it would be difficult without your support.

APRIL 30, 2004
Did you guys make it to our show with Sugarcult, Mae, & Maxeen?  It was so cool!  It was great to see Sugarcult again since our trip to Houston and it was cool meeting the guys from Maxeen and Mae.  In fact we'll see some of them again in Houston for the Warped Tour.  You should try to make that date on the tour.  If you can't make the Houston date, you should definitely try to see them in another city.  We also had fun with Juan, the Channel 8 cameraman!  He'll be out to film a few more of our events so we'll be sure to let you know what comes of the tapings and where you can see what they put together.  We're still clueless but it sounds cool.

APRIL 26, 2004
Hey you guys, it's almost here ... our show with Sugarcult!  We are so stoked and can hardly wait to meet up with them again.  Their new album Palm Trees and Power Lines rocks!  It will be so cool to hear it LIVE!  WFAA Channel 8 News contacted us and said they're coming out to interview us and film our show.  HOW RAD IS THAT?  You guys ready to party?

APRIL 24, 2004
Dude, you Grapevine Mills Mall people ROCK!  We had a great time playing with the other bands and meeting so many new people.  Thanks also for buying our merch!  We didn't realize how popular some of our new shirt colors would be so check back with us if you didn't get the color you wanted.  We we want to thank our friends from school and our friends Desi and Myca for coming out, even during a tornado watch!  Oh yeah, we owe SPECIAL THANKS to Lauren T, Megan, Caitlyn, Anna, Lauren J, and Tara for coming to our show -- all the way from Houston!  They even came to our College Station show.  We still can't believe it!

APRIL 18, 2004

We won 1st Place in the Texas 10 Under 20 Talent Contest at the Dallas Guitar Show.  We were up against 9 other bands and singer-songwriters, all playing their own style of music on the Ernie Ball Mobile Stage.  We were chosen as "Band closest to commercial success," winning $10,000 in prizes and a $1,000 music education grant for our school.  (Click here to see a list of the prizes).  We owe huge thanks to all of you who bought our shirts!  We're always amazed when you spend your money on our stuff and all we can think to say is, "you guys are awesome!"  Thanks also to Kevin and the rest of the guys from The Vanished for being so cool and helping us out with our stickers.  You guys rock!

Oh yeah, we want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our man Joel.  What a day to turn 14!

APRIL 12, 2004

We are so stoked!  Famous Stars and Straps is now a Minority sponsor.  We love their stuff!  Check 'em out for yourself.

APRIL 8, 2004
Get a load of this!  We have been chosen as 1 of 10 finalists in the Texas 10 Under 20 Young Talent Contest to perform at the Dallas Guitar Show on Saturday, April 18th.

APRIL 1, 2004

WE LOVE OUR DICKIES and we're PROUD to be part of
"Dickies in Music!"

MARCH 28, 2004
There are only 3 words to describe our experience at Northgate Music Festival at Texas A&M University . . . IT ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!  If you were anywhere near the Promenade you'll know how fun it was (except for the parking tickets).  The crowd was awesome and one of the best we've ever had.  We had at least 300 people at the show, and man, they know how to throw a party.  (We are definitely goin' to college!).  Thanks for coming out, buying Minority gear (in the cool new colors), and hanging around to talk to us after the show.  We sold a record amount of merchandise and we owe a huge thanks to the merch girls for helping us out; you know who you are!  Anyway, this was such an awesome experience that we're hoping for a return invitation to play College Station.  WHOOP!

MARCH 19, 2004

Eisenbergs rocked!  We owe thanks to our friends from Spector 45 for putting together the show and to all our friends (and some new ones) who came out to support us.  Oh yeah and to the cool girls from Arlington, thanks for making the drive.  You rock!

MARCH 15, 2004

Hey you Spring Breakers, we're heading back to school while some of you are just starting your break.  Hope you had fun or are starting to have fun!  Just to let you guys know, the SXSW Music Festival starts this week.  There are going to be some awesome bands playing so have fun if you're going down to Austin.  We were never accepted or declined but we were notified that we are on STANDBY for SXSW.  We'll see . . .

We're gearing up for our interview tonight with the Entertainment Editor of The Battalion, Texas A&M University's newspaper.  It ought to be fun!

MARCH 7, 2004

Thanks alot for coming out to support us yesterday at the Buzz-Oven Combat.  We had some hot competition and we had fun even though we didn't win (our overall ranking was 6th out of 17 bands; 4th in crowd response!).  Anyway, it was a great opportunity.  Who knows, maybe next year.

MARCH 3, 2004

It's almost time for the Buzz-Oven Combat and we could really use your help on this one!  We're competing against several other bands, all competing for a spot on the Buzz-Oven CD.  If we win, two of our songs will be distributed on 10,000 of these CDs.  You'll be able to see us on Sunday, March 7th at Club Clearview in Deep Ellum.  We go onstage at 5:00 p.m., but try to be there early and be sure to let the door know you're there to see us.  Want advance tickets?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Oh yea one more thing, we want to thank all of you for adding to our growing e-mail list.  And thanks to YOU, our website is taking more hits than ever before.

FEBRUARY 27, 2004

Wednesday night was a great night at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We had a great time jamming and hanging out with friends, old and new.  The VIP Mixer Party at Hard Rock on Thursday was very cool.  We finally got to meet some of the people we've heard about and got to see old friends we haven't seen for awhile.  We owe thanks to Eric Delegard and Buffy for letting us be part of the party.  Eric's a cool dude, but Buffy ... well, she totally rocks!

FEBRUARY 16, 2004

We just found out we're playing a show at the Hard Rock Cafe (Dallas) on Wednesday, February 25th.  Doors open at 8:30 p.m.; we're onstage at 9:00.  Come out and join us.

FEBRUARY 2, 2004
You guys can't imagine how cool it was to be in Houston this past weekend!  We played a fun show at SuperBash, heard some awesome Texas bands and met some of the coolest people on the planet.  We talked to Max Collins from Eve 6, Joey Kramer (drummer for Aerosmith), and Darryl (Moose) Johnston's wife (she said she even saw us on the Channel 11 news in Dallas).  Get this, we went to see Jesse Dayton, Blue October, Eve 6, and Sammy Hagar at the Cabo Wabo Stage on Saturday night.  During the Eve 6 show, Joel and Alec left their spot on front row to crowd surf.  They surfed all the way to the back and then the crowd surfed them back the front again, to their original spot on front row.  It was amazing!  Max told the crowd, "keep your eyes peeled for these guys in Minority, REALLY peeled."  We take that as one awesome compliment!  The Sammy Hagar show was incredible.  We were on the front row totally rockin' out when Ted Nugent came out to jam on guitar.  Soon after that Chad Smith (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) came out on drums, and Toby Keith came out to sing.  It was like nothing we've ever seen before and it totally ROCKED!   Ah man, we wish you guys could have been there!  And to all our new "south Texas" fans, we appreciate you coming out to see us and buying our merch.  You know who you are!  Stay tuned guys, we're definitely comin' back!

We also want to thank Dickies, Vans, and Fast Forward for sending us some very cool merch.  Dickies totally outfitted us for our SuperBash experience.  Cool pants, shorts, shirts, and coveralls.  Thanks so much for your generosity!  We appreciate Vans for providing us with some sweet looking shoes and cool visors.  The crowd in Houston really liked the visors.  Fast Forward gave each of us an AWESOME belt buckle, shirts, and other merch.  Our fans love this stuff!  We really appreciate all our sponsors have done for us.

JANUARY 29, 2004
Dudes, we just got interviewed by CBS Channel 11 news and KRLD (AM 1080).  It was totally rad!  We played 3 full songs for the news segment and did about a 10 minute interview with Joss, the KRLD reporter.

Tune in to the Channel 11 News TONIGHT at 10:00 PM to see our interview!
Tune in to KRLD tomorrow for the interview.  It will be played throughout the day. 

JANUARY 28, 2004
We would like to thank Fast Forward and Vans for their recent sponsorship.  And again, we would like to thank Dickies for their sponsorship.  They have totally outfitted us with some awesome clothes for SuperBash.  Check out our LINKS page and you'll see that we buy and wear all this stuff so we totally appreciate all you are doing for us!

JANUARY 27, 2004
Hey guys, we just got word that we've been accepted to play Northgate Music Festival 2004 in College Station, Texas, on Saturday, March 27th.  We'll have all the details soon.  We also got word that CBS Channel 11 will be hanging out with us this week filming a practice session, then they'll catch up with us again at SuperBash in Houston.  Hmm, maybe this will be a before-and-after kind of segment.  Keep your eyes on CBS 11!

More news soon!  Rock on ...

JANUARY 21, 2004
We just got our mastered demo and you guys should hear it!  We owe thanks to Maximedia for hooking us up with Rob Wechsler at WexTrax Mastering Labs.  The guy is amazing!  Thanks, Rob, for your great work.

JANUARY 19, 2004
Last night wrapped up our recording sessions and we rolled out our new 3-song demo.  Actually it's being mastered right now but we'll have it in time for SuperBash.  We owe thanks to Mike Pisterzi, Rico Gonzales and Ben Jackson at Maximedia Recording Studios for recording/producing our demo and for their professional advice.  Be sure to get your copy, they'll be available at our shows.

JANUARY 14, 2004
Get this, Dickies is sponsoring us and providing all our clothes for SuperBash 2004!  How cool is that!  Check out the News section on their website to see pictures of the bands who wear Dickies.  Kasie, you guys rock!

We found out today that our date for SuperBash has changed.  We are playing Sunday, February 1st --Super Bowl Sunday.  Be sure to check our SHOWS page for all the details.  Up for a road trip?

JANUARY 10, 2004
Thank you guys for coming out to support us last night at The Live Room.  We owe huge thanks to our friends from CorporateRed for being the cool dudes that they are and for putting out the good word for us.  You guys rock!  It was cool making friends with the guys from Restricted and Good Day Josif.  Good shows you guys!  We parted with lots of merch again last night.  Thanks to everyone who bought shirts, buttons, etc.

We'll be spending the next two weekends at Maximedia Studios recording our 3-song demo, available in time for SuperBash.  We hope to post some studio pics so you guys can see what we'll be up to.  Until then, rock on!

JANUARY 3, 2004
We had so much fun last night at TREES!  Not only do we appreciate the invitation to play there but we appreciate all our friends who came out to see us on short notice.  We had a great time hanging out with Cash, David & John, the guys from DV8 ... they played a great show.  We're gearing up for our show at The Live Room on Friday, January 9th.  Try to come see us!

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