DECEMBER 30 , 2003
Hey guys, thanks so much for making Plano Jam Fest III a success.  The official lowdown is that we collected 12 bags of clothes, one large box of toys and several dozen cans of food, all for the charities.  Huge props go to Jarrett (Store Bought), Torgo, Junior, and Something Dirty.  You guys were awesome and we're glad you donated your time and talent.  We heard people talking and you also made new fans.

Thank you to all our friends and fans for your support these past five months.  Your support has given us the energy (and sometimes the nerve) to do what we love -- play music.  We keep saying you guys rock and you really do!

Looking forward ...

DECEMBER 12 , 2003

This is gonna be RAD!  We're playing the "ultimate block party," an NFL Super Bowl Music Event in downtown Houston, officially called SuperBash 2004, on Sunday, February 1st.  Bands include: Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Eve 6, Better Than Ezra, Pushmonkey, Blue October, Vallejo, and Reverend Horton Heat among others.  Tickets are $20 per day or buy your 5-day pass online at through Ticketmaster Outlets, or call 713-629-3700.  Dudes, we're in shock but we're ready to rock!

DECEMBER 8 , 2003

Guys, you wouldn't believe how much fun we had at the Dallas Music Festival.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us.  You also wouldn't believe the things that have started to happen for us since the festival but we can't say anything yet in case we jinx it.  Let's just say that we're going to keep practicing, keep playing shows and keep looking ahead, especially to PLANO JAM FEST on December 19th.  It's a good life!

Check out the new MEDIA page we just added to our site and the photos of the music festival on the PHOTOS page.

DECEMBER 4 , 2003
We were recently chosen to play the Dallas Music Festival (in Deep Ellum) and it begins tonight!  Dallas Music Festival 2003 will be the largest event of its kind ever held in Dallas. This year's inaugural event will feature more than 400 acts performing live on 20 area stages over the course of four days. Over 1,500 musicians and 15,000 fans are expected to attend.

See us LIVE at the Galaxy Club on Sunday, December 7th at 8:00 pm.  Be sure to check out these other bands at the Galaxy:  Fourth Score, No Time For Heroes, Just Short of Sunday, Sungafat, Greaser, Draven, Good Day Josif.

NOVEMBER  22, 2003

We won the Battle of the Bands at Dreamworld in September and last night we went back and won SECOND PLACE in the Battle of the Champions!  We competed against 7 excellent bands that won in their Battle of the Bands competition.  After our show we were interviewed by a writer from the Fort Worth Weekly.  Stay tuned, the article will be published soon.  Thanks to everyone who came all the way to Arlington to give us their support.

Click here to read a review of our performance in

  We'll be playing in the Clash of the Titans soon!
  The winner at the Clash of the Titans gets to make a music video!

NOVEMBER 11, 2003
You never know who's gonna call.  Get this, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte called Alec at the hospital to cheer him up since he couldn't make it to their concert tonight at Next Stage.  We're not kidding!  It was totally surreal -- even the nurses thought so!  Joel is one cool guy!

THANKS A LOT to Juliet and Timmy Chunks who made the last 4 days some of the best of our lives.  You guys are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

NOVEMBER 10, 2003
JOEL SANG WITH EVE 6 at their show in Houston on Sunday!  Max, the singer, dragged Joel out on stage with him and Joel sang a few choruses of "Think Twice."  Not only that, he hung out on their bus.  Can you believe it, that's something straight out of a movie!  He also got to meet all the GC guys and David Desrosiers (from Simple Plan).  Rock on Joel!

BAD NEWS!  Alec's asthma got worse after we got back from Houston and now he's in the hospital.  The doctor said his medicine wasn't working so he'll get round-the-clock care in the hospital.  He's not upset about missing school but he's BUMMED that he won't get to see Eve 6, Goldfinger, and Good Charlotte on Tuesday night -- it was his last chance.  We just hope he gets well soon.  By the way, we heard he's wearing his trucker hat with his hospital gown! 

   You can send Alec a Cheer-Up message at

NOVEMBER 9, 2003
Good Charlotte, Goldfinger, and Eve 6 were awesome!  We hung out, met the famous Timmy Chunks, got to meet some of the band members and watched an incredible show.  We talked to Billy and Paul the most and they were really cool.  We would like to give major thanks to Juliet and Timmy for making this happen.  The trip home started at midnight and was quite challenging.  We're still recovering.  Joel headed out to hang with the band today. 

NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Hey guys, we (Kenny, Kyle and Alec) are off to Houston at 5:30 tomorrow morning to see Eve 6, Goldfinger, and Good Charlotte and we've got backstage passes!  We get to hang out with GC before the show, then we'll be sitting on stage during their concert.  Awesome!  Joel is going down for the show on Sunday so we'll hear his side of the story we he gets back.  We'll give you all the details soon.  Later!

NOVEMBER 2, 2003

Last night was fun helping Desi celebrate her birthday.  We made some new friends and met a couple of new bands, The Frets and Lablawlogy.  Hope everyone had as much fun as we did, especially Desi and her friends and family.

OCTOBER 30, 2003
Great News!  We just got word we have been accepted to play the Dallas Music Festival on December 7, 2003.  Stay tuned, more info coming soon.  We're also looking forward to Halloween and playing Desi's party Saturday night.

OCTOBER 26, 2003
Friday night at Dallas ScareGrounds was really cool.  We appreciate all our fans who came out to support us and all our new fans who supported us through our two-hour set.  We sold more of our merchandise so we hope you guys got all the t-shirts, basslets, stickers and keychains you wanted.  If not, be sure to come see us at our next show.  Did you guys notice our new Minority banner?  We're happy that Mrs. Midgley is so creative and talented and that she took so much time to make it.  Thanks, you're awesome!

OCTOBER 13, 2003
We have a date and time change for our next show at Dallas ScareGrounds.  We are now playing on Friday, October 24th at 8:00 p.m.  We hope this doesn't mess up any of your plans and we hope you can still come out to see us.

OCTOBER  11, 2003
What a ROCK show last night at the Galaxy Club with Something Dirty, Acceptance, Matchbook Romance, and Yellowcard!  First, thanks to the guys from the band Store Bought for letting us get in line with them.  Huge bummer, after standing in line for an hour, tickets sold out and they didn't get in to see the show.  But hey you guys, we got you some Yellowcard decals so send us an e-mail and we'll work out the details.  And to Ben, Yellowcard's guitarist, Alec now believes you really are the guitarist (click here)!  Thanks to you and the rest of the band for all the band tips and advice.  And to Kaylan, Acceptance's guitarist, it was great hanging out with you.  Thanks for the water and earplugs!  Check out the photos we got last night on the PHOTOS page. 

OCTOBER  10, 2003
Thanks to all our friends who came to support us at the Battle of the Bands last night at Dallas ScareGrounds.  It's really great to see some familiar faces.  We didn't make it to the finals but we got to meet some really great bands.  Good luck to the bands that are moving on.  Tonight we're going to the Galaxy Club to check out our friends from Something Dirty -- they're opening for Yellowcard.  Rock On!

OCTOBER  5, 2003
A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  This is the best word we can find to explain our first-ever show at The Door.  Thanks to our fans and friends for coming out to support us and thanks to all the new friends we made.  If you want us back and on the Main Stage, please help us by sending The Door an e-mail,  We really need your support!  Our vendor hand-delivered our new t-shirts "in the parking lot" at The Door but we sold out of a few sizes by 10:00 that night.  We've ordered a new shipment so be on the lookout for more sizes in a few weeks.  Big props go to our merch team, Karissa and Jonathan, for making sure everyone got the goods they wanted.  If you caught Joel without a shirt it's because he sold the shirt off his back -- twice!

By the way, Alec's personal website is finally linked to the BIO page.  Check out some pics from his early days in music.

SEPTEMBER  28, 2003
We won FIRST PLACE at Dreamworld's Battle of the Bands!

  We'll be playing in the Battle of the Champions in November!

SEPTEMBER  19, 2003
We went to the Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth tonight for open mic.  The house band had an emergency and didn't show up with a complete drumset, so we played our stuff with a snare, a few cymbals, a cow bell and a metal chair.  It would have worked but the chair just wasn't mic'd properly.  Oh well, what an experience.  Thanks to the drummer who gave us some cymbals to work with.

SEPTEMBER  21, 2003
Ah man, you can't imagine how much fun we had at PLANO JAM FEST!  We were disappointed that Kyle couldn't play but never fear, he played "air bass" while Michael did a great job sitting in for him.  We had 5 bands hanging out with us playing some of their best tunes.  Here's who you missed in case you didn't show up:  Abandon Sofa, Generic (Kareem played an acoustic set), Something Dirty (acoustic set), Minority, The Sequel and Highway 121.  Thanks to all the fans who came to support their bands and thanks to all the bands for putting on great shows.  You guys rock!

SEPTEMBER  16, 2003
Kyle makes his football debut, and 12 plays into his first season his arm gets whacked after his first punt return.  His bass pluckin' is done for a few weeks/months but don't worry, we have a sub to sit in for him at PLANO JAM FEST on Saturday the 20th.

    It's kind of a bummer but at least he got to miss school.

SEPTEMBER  15, 2003
What a weekend!  We played at the Galaxy Club on Saturday and then played at Across the Street Bar on Sunday.  That was our first back to back shows.  We're looking forward to playing the PLANO JAM FEST on Saturday.  Hope you join us for some fun out at Bob Woodruff Park.   

SEPTEMBER  9, 2003
Man, there was a full house at the Jam Station's Open Mic last night.  We got lots of positive feedback from other bands and got to try out some of the new songs we've written.  Thanks to everyone who hung around to hear us.

SEPTEMBER  4, 2003
Linda Hollar, Senior Editor/Publisher for THE HARDER BEAT, had this to say in the August 2003 publication ...

"Hi Kenia, Of course I remember you! (And Alec playing in our “Drum Beat Off Contest” at the Vampire Lounge). He was great at seven!… glad to hear he’s still playing. Thanks for your nice comments. They’re appreciated. Let us know from time to time how Alec is doing. (Linda Hollar)"

Here's a picture featured in The Harder Beat when Alec was 7.

AUGUST 31, 2003

We had a blast playing at the Galaxy Club!  There was a good crowd and lots of other bands to listen to and hang with.  Hopefully we can jam with some of them again.  We appreciate all our fans and family for coming out to support us.

AUGUST 23, 2003

We made the front page of the Plano Star Courier!


AUGUST 17, 2003
Wow, our concert at Hoblitzelle Park was awesome!  We had lots of people hanging out with us listening to good music, playing football and having water fights.  Thanks to all our friends and fans who put up with the summer heat.  Thanks also to all the new people we met in the park, we hope to see you again!  And to our extra special fans, Desirea, Amanda & Bianca, we had a great time afterwards!

AUGUST 12, 2003
We're hangin' loose right now since school has started.  Be sure to come check out our FREE CONCERT at Hoblitzelle Park on Saturday, August 16th.  See our SHOWS page for details and directions.

AUGUST 3, 2003
We had a great time playing on the outdoor stage at Across the Street Bar.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, and thanks to Phillip for booking us and giving us his words of wisdom!  Check out his picture on our PHOTOS page.

JULY 26, 2003
JB Studios turned out different than we expected but we had a great time.  Thanks to the girls who came to support us, you know who you are!

JULY 25, 2003
The gig at Andy's Bar & Grill was fun and it was definitely worth the wait.  We owe Brooks Kendall, Jr. at Ken-Ran Entertainment a huge thank you for trusting that we would put on a good show and to ANDY himself for giving us a place to play, especially on a Friday night.

JULY 6, 2003
This place was fun.  They even gave us free pizza and drinks!
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